About Us!

The gaelic word céilí (pronounced kay-lee) is an Irish word for a social get-together of music, song and dance. With such gatherings also come great food and drinks! Our “Irish Local” is a place for friends and families from near and far to convene for conversation and good craic (Irish for fun and enjoyment)..

The Céilí Cottage opened in June 2009 and is comprised of two rooms and a large sunny patio. The Cottage room is the oldest part of the structure, and was built sometime in the 1880’s. We kept the original aged look of this room with exposed brick and wooden beams, and have church pews and small tables lining the walls for folks to sit and enjoy a meal. The bar area is located just behind the Cottage dining room and is long and narrow – just big enough for a good crowd yet intimate enough to get to know your neighbours! Complete with a limestone bar top from Co Kilkenny and an upright piano, it’s perfect for dining or drinking (or both!), and a great setting for our weekly traditional Irish music session on Tuesday evenings.

We invite you to come down to our Cottage in the heart of Leslieville, and enjoy a wide range of Irish & Canadian premium craft beers, whiskies & spirits, fresh oysters, and quality homemade food.


The Ceili Cottage Virtual Tour