We’re keeping things simple and affordable. All menu items are made on premises, using local and farm fresh ingredients. We have cured meats, country ham, peat-smoked salmon, soup, mussels, sausages, meat pies, cheese, fresh bread, chutney’s and jams, and fresh greens.  Dinner Specials available all evening.

Oysters will play a part – fresh shucked to order (as always) – Irish oysters, and Malpeques.

Daily dinner specials will be listed on the chalkboard (and on twitter) including the weekly roast dinner – each week features a different type of roast.

Lunch At The CeiliCottage! Lunching in Leslieville? Shuck Yes! Thursday and Friday we are open from 11am (and in the summer, all week long!) Oysters (of course) Waterford Blaa (a sandwich on a soft white roll) The Full Irish and more!


Brunch is served on Weekends  (11 a.m. to 4 p.m.) The menu features a Full Irish Breakfast of sausage, rashers, black & white pudding, house toast, fried egg, and grilled tomato. The Full Irish is a very Working Class meal – sit, eat your breakfast, and back to work for the day, won’t have to eat ’til supper! Omelettes, french toast and the full lunch menu is available as well!

We have 12 taps – the Irish – Guinness, Harp, Kilkenny, and will round out the mix with other stouts, ales, real ales and lagers from craft brewers of Southern Ontario and Quèbec. Cask ales rotate when available.


The word whiskey comes from the Irish phrase “uisce beatha” (pron. “ISH-kah BAH-ha”), meaning “water of life”. Ireland has a long history with whiskey, with King James I granting a licence to distil in Bushmills, Co Antrim in 1608. Since we opened in 2009, we have put together a very unique whiskey collection, with over 100 bottles from thirteen countries on our shelves for your enjoyment. In recognition of our collection and promotion of whiskey, The Céilí Cottage was awarded a Silver Medal in the Whisky Bars of the World awards in 2012.
Download the latest Whiskey Menu.

The Shuck & Tipple – pairing Oysters with local Whiskeys. After tasting shells and drams around the world, Patrick found that in many places, he water used to make spirits, is shared with the local Oyster growers. At Ceili Cottage we are fortuanate to have a wide variety of Whiskeys, and access to many different Oysters as well. Shuck and tipple is a parking of an oyster wi a taste of the whiskey that is disillusioned as close to the Oyster farm as possible. Taste the oyster, then sip the whiskey and you’ll find the resulting dance on the palate is that of Salted Caramel, with suble noted from each partner in the marriage. Only at CeiliCottage!


Pairing Oysters and local Whiskeys!

Pairing Oysters and local Whiskeys!