Unfortunately, the CeiliYurt is not avaliable until further notice. Read the story below, or stay tuned to @TheCeiliCottage for more information…thanks, Patrick

Since we opened here in Leslieville in June 2009, one of our annual challenges has been to find a suitable way to utilize the patio during the cold Canadian winter! Having spent two winters trying to build a curling rink, the unpredictability of the weather frustrated our efforts and encouraged us to look at other ideas.

Inspired by the nomadic people on the steppes of Central Asia, we explored the idea of building our very own yurt! Originally from a Turkic word referring to the imprint left in the ground by a moved yurt, this wood framed dwelling structure seemed like the ideal solution to our problem. With the nomadic history of the Irish people and millions of Irish diaspora spread around the globe (including thousands here in Toronto), the connection seemed quite appropriate!

Working with Yves and Chuck from Groovy Yurts in Québec, we installed a 21ft yurt on our patio. Beginning with a wooden base, six lattice walls and the central ‘toono’ followed, and then the individual ‘huns’ were inserted to create a solid frame roof. We then wrapped the frame in layers of sheep’s wool felt and cotton canvas to insulate the interior, and the entire structure is banded with horsehair ropes. The yurt is hand-made and hand-painted in Mongolia before being shipped to Canada, and is a testament to the engineering genius of these people.

Our yurt is fully licensed, insulated, heated, furnished and serviced by our great crew here at the Cottage. It will seat 35-40 people for dinner depending on configuration, and is connected to the main building via the Cottage porch, meaning you don’t have to go outside to pop into the main bar or use the washrooms! It also comes with it’s very own record player and a large selection of original LPs to suit your musical taste. We encourage you to visit our Cottage and see this unique space! Check out our Yurt: Winter Patio Virtual Tour.

The yurt will be open on those busy nights where there is a demand and the extra space is required. It is also available for private parties or events should you require. Please email yurt@ceilicottage.com for full details.